Saturday, May 5, 2012

Happily Ever After

This semester has been a wonderful journey! It all started with a blog post about our experiences with fairy tales as well as our expectations which I must say have been met fully and beyond.
We’ve learned so much about what makes a fairy tale vs a myth, the interpretation especially from the  Freudian perspective to historical context of tales that lead to many revisions of tales and influence movies like Pan’s Labyrinth. Then we learned about the importance of and difference in fairy tales from different cultures. It was very nice to see that although cultures are so different, story telling can always be found in it and it usually fulfills the same function of teaching lessons as well as containing similar elements. Last there was the interesting experience of interpreting Rammstein’s Sonne video and explaining the Red Riding Hood Cartoon. Oh the things you, Dr. Esa, had us do! But they were really great and challenging learning experiences; sometimes they were even fun XD  
            One of my favorite aspects of this course was the fun and informative guest lectures. It is really difficult to decide which one I liked best but I think the ASL presentation wins… Though, I also liked the call-and-response stories that Dr. Ochieng told us. Another great part of the course was all the different fairy tales we got to read and especially when it was they all had the same theme. It was very manageable and usually ended before I got too bored with the repletion in the stories. I liked finding the differences in the tales when they were all one theme. The only reading I had a lot trouble with was the Arabic one. It just seemed like the information was repeating and the history was a bit difficult to keep track of. I appreciated that the stories were so short though!
            I really enjoyed taking this class and what I have learned will stick with me for a long time. I’m sorry to say good-bye to the class, especially my neighbors Nick and Steven, and Cassie. Thank you Dr. Esa for always being so enthusiastic and leading our interesting class discussions and for keeping your cool when the class went a bit crazy. Also thank you for the chocolate and my Ue-Ei birthday present! The apples you brought in were delicious as well! You throw awesome parties with yummy food!!!
I wish we had expanded on the idea of fairy tales and music. Maybe a potential essay topic or guest lecture?  Here are two songs that go against the ideal of the submissive female: