Sunday, January 29, 2012

This class is going to be fun!

Today my parents and brother came down for an early Birthday dinner. Near the end of our yummy Thai meal I asked if they ever read us stories. ‘We read stories to you all the time!’, my mother answered and proceeded to mention many that I could not remember. But as she started to elaborate on one of them called “The Story About Ping” by Marjorie Flack and Kurt Wieseand  I felt as if I could see the illustrations in my head. As I am writing this blog I’m listening to an audio version of it and it is really bringing back memories of sitting next to my mother and reading it with her. While I am unsure if this is my favorite folktale or even if this story counts as a folktale, I do remember liking it. I especially enjoy the beginning and ending of the story when they mention all the family members because it reminds me of my family. Also a little duck getting lost form his family and then arriving safely at home is adorable. I also have vague memories of sound effects…
Another book I remember enjoying a lot is called “The Moon Lady” by Amy Tan. I love the colorful pictures and the mysterious figure of the moon lady. It was also a longer story meaning I was allowed to stay up longer!
After listening to the beginning of the story I'm starting to realize how many elements of Chinese culture are embedded in this child story.  
Like I mentioned before, I do not remember reading or watching a lot of fairy or folk tales as a child. I spend a lot of time outside and never watched many Disney movies. But fairy tales are very interesting to me as parts of them appear everywhere in our daily life. As others have mentioned I am also interested in seeing how children’s fairy tales are a variation from the ‘original’ stories and am also interested in the history of fairy tales.
I see this class as an opportunity to be a kid again and reading stories I don’t remember or haven’t read. Finding the actual function behind these stories seems like an interesting thing to do as well.  I would also love to have class discussions where students share their experiences with fairy tales and their interpretations because each student interprets stories differently.